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 - Il Carato - Bottega Orafa

Arianna and Sandra's adventure began with their graduation from the Istituto d'Arte di Cascina and continued in Florence, a city which represent the Italian culture around the world, where they attend Art College. Here, they aquired the foundation of their Goldsmith Techniques and Craftmaship.

 So, in 1980 began the artists' journey, when "La Bottega Orafa Il Carato" was opened in the 14th-century clock tower of Cascina, situated in the heart of Tuscany.

 The pride of the goldsmith is their attention to detail, an attention to design in the creation of a different piece every time, that fits the needs of the wearer and is therefore unique. The materials of choice, gold and silver, are embellished with the dazzling sheen of diamonds together with an intense color palette of precious and semiprecious stones. Each jewel comes from the minds of the two creators hand implemented in their workshop, following the most ancient goldsmith techniques.

 In this way, the signature "Il Carato" pieces are created, including both collections and individual pieces. The elegant studio is open to anyone who has a piece of jewelry in mind or even just an idea and desire to wear something precious.

 - Il Carato - Bottega Orafa

Creating is whitin us. In the strange light of our eyes, in our salt-scented skin, in our skilled and delicate hands and in our soul as sensitive as Mimosa in the spring. Imagination and art have been inexplicably imparted on. We like to think it's because of magicor from our parents. Almost as if there was a secret golden thread that ties their past to our present.

We have always shaped and transformed materials, giving them unexpected form and poetic life. Whith a unique and skilled touch we love to make dreams, desires, intuitions, visions, breath and sensations. Our history has old and similar roots.

With this "richness" and with a little mindful "madness" we started our journey and opened our Art Workshop "Il Carato Bottega d'Arte". This is the forge, the antrum of two witches, alchemist daughters of Venus and the handmaids of creative fire where we create elaborate jewellery moistened with lunar creativity. We draw energy from the distant stars and the sun that lights up the earth.

Materials love to reveal and tell us their secrets: precious stones, hard stones, wood and precious metals which, through our insightful work, then blend into a unique creation.

Nothing we create is the same. Nature, after all, is a master of color schemes and patterns that distinguish one thing from another. We look for the original colour scheme in all our jewellery, in all our collections and in all our sculptures and creations. We are not content to stop with routine, with what has already been done and seen and with what is already known. Countless publications have accompanied us on our journey and in our growth. Exciting exhibitions and experiences have given us the strength and knowledge to continue forever trying to improve ourselves.

Each shared and contrastive thought becomes a jewel, an artifact, an amulet, a charm, a necklace, a brooch, a pendant.


"30 YEARS OF ACTIVITY" - Il Carato - Bottega Orafa


"30 YEARS OF ACTIVITY" - Il Carato - Bottega Orafa