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Teaching is the most beautiful profession in the world


Since 2014, Arianna Celleno and Sandra Ugolini have decided to open the jewellery school in
their shop "Il Carato", offering practical courses on the most important techniques of the art of
jewellery making. A fundamental element of the training course is learning about the artistic
techniques from the past, from the era of Etruscan jewellery to the contemporary era. Today
the school is a reference point for those who approach the world of jewellery wanting to make
it a profession or for those who want to cultivate a hobby.

We have acquired 40 years of experience in the field of jewellery making and a strong passion
for teaching with a desire to pass on the secrets of the trade. As in our creations, the stimuli
we find in reality, architecture and nature, will give space to the individual’s imagination and

During the course the students, guided by Arianna and Sandra’s experience in metalworking,
will get to know the craft and, through their own skills and tastes, independently create a piece
of jewellery.

No more than 4 students per teacher!

Initial Design

5 Immagini

Phases of Work

5 Immagini

Created Pieces

9 Immagini